Original Concept:

It’s first form. May look rabid, but is sentient, just likes to lean into their beast side more than it’s civil side. Barbaric in the eyes of knight folk, and only has one friend because of it. Can speak, but even in knight language, their words need decoding.

Post Facility Concept:

One of the results of genetic splicing that was somewhat successful. The project was supposed to find ways of creating a guard dog that has minimal chances of getting hurt/taking damage, while also being better than a blood and flesh creature. The scientists took a more robotic approach in facial features and way of hearing commands, but the rest is a mix of various animals and their natural abilities/features/behaviors.

Has some level of intelligence but lacks social etiquette and isn’t educated in any way other than survival. This creature would escape during The Outbreak and adapt just fine out in the wild, an invasive being, likes eating bugs alive and dead, and meets FeatherKnight sometime after. Dog would eventually experience the culture and civilization of knight folk, and want to help too. Feather would continue their training alongside Dog, Dog would be given a new name (Auto) and become a better version of themselves by the time they reach their hibernation process


  • eating
  • hunting and gathering
  • ruining their best friend’s day
  • offering food if there’s excess


  • cleaning themselves
  • being hungry
  • speaking
  • parasites


Its Past

  • Created in one of the Facilities from a project that was supposed to find ways of creating a guard dog that has minimal chances of getting hurt/taking damage
  • escapes during The Outbreak and adapts just fine out in the wild as an invasive being
  • meets FeatherKnight sometime after, and joins the KnightFolk (Successful Mimics that take on the appearance of living knights, dedicated to protecting humans)

Its Current/Present Day

  • In its hibernation process

Its Future

  • Finishes the hibernation process

older/matured/evolved state

Original Concept:

After it’s hibernation process, he comes into himself bigger and hungrier than before. Loses the tail and starts molting and growing horns, slits are formed as eyes, eating isn’t as painful anymore. Will speak normally but they still prefer action, gesturing, and sounds to get their point across

Post Facility Concept:

Spending more time in mutated nature and socialized around sentient knight armor, Auto’s final form takes both a natural and armored approach. The inorganic materials would shift from it’s head and certain internal workings, to the epidermal layer, creating a thickened coat of protection from outside threats, but leaving its internals vulnerable to sicknesses and poisons. The armor can shift to whatever defensive measure it requires from any oncoming attacks/stressors/threats, activating alongside the fight or flight response.


  • hunting
  • breaking off it’s horns (pain scale: plucking a stray hair to picking your face)
  • docile creatures


  • regrowing their horns