Sona based off of those halloween glow in the dark stick figure costumes. shitposter, 🤓 ironically and unironically, wants to be cool so bad and achieves it 1/3 of the time, an antihero in a nonexistent story, literally just some guy off the street, vry kind and polite, nice and considerate.

(the best way to distinuish the character from the sona is that the sona has the hood, and the character doesnt.) sometimes i forget or its muscle memory to add the hood but thats the main identifier, the tag should clear up the confusion if you cant tell just from the art or the context


being helpful, being a shithead, observing, nerd stuff, making people laugh (intentionally or not, a laugh is a laugh)


being put in the washer or dryer, getting food/drinks/blood spilled on them