mutant bugs

Insects infected with unknown experimental chemicals from the ResearchFacilities. The chemicals and insects experimented on originated in the Facility, but once the Facilities were destroyed they were set free into the ecosystem. Rapid development and evolutionary branches, Supporting then destroying the ecosystem, then replacing themselves in parts of the food chain.

So for humans, any insect aggressive to humans are a predator to you, any bug that can transmit diseases into you is going to kill you by injection alone. worms/parasites that burrow into your skin/flesh/brain/lungs are predators. carnivore and omnivores are what you need to look out for, so brush up on your entomology pookie <3

so depending on their main features/biology you can determine what threat level they are (sometimes what they look like wont match up with their behavior, simply because the chemicals have changed their behavioral patterns)

scavenger insects will eat anything, including the remains of the dead, so if youre burying them make sure to wrap them up with some quality repellent (temporary effect) stuff or in a really secure place.

herbivore or insects that eat plants, nectar, fruits WILL eat your crops

The air, the water, the ground, and the trees are infested with them, and theres no real predator for them besides their natural predators that mutated with them, maybe a few regular predators (tigers, lions, bears, etc) and the humans/robots that take it upon themselves to cut their population down some

The newest predator in evolution is the Flesh Eater and Bug mutation mix: FleshBugs