The magic of binding spells

It’s an open secret/ an unspoken rule since shadow people dabble with magic, they understand the rules and culture behind everything magic-related, almost as any other educated magical being would. everyone knows if you dont want to get screwed over you make specific demands and make sure you both agree and know what you want out of the deal.
It’s literally like making a contract with a company or something

If you go to a summoning circle and ask for the dead to bind yourself to someone specifically, a few things could happen.

Depending on the negotiations, the demon’s whim, and your specificity, the person you’re now bound to is either

You can also set timed contracts (bound for this allotted amount of time/until certain thing is said or done) but only if you specify that’s what you want

Wizards can do bindings too.

If you go to The Dead and ask for a binding you can also ask for it to be undone (not without a cost ofc), but a witch/wizard’s bind is permanent.

The Dead can unlock an ability to read and use “Forbidden Symbols” to make and activate bound contracts and binding spells. It’s why wizards who use those forbidden symbols are permanent and The Dead’s arent, because wizards don’t know how to adjust and make added exceptions and time limits like they do

It’s the familiar to the witch and what a knight is to a king; making something into your familiar/slave/servant to forever serve you until its dying days. The bond is stronger if both consent to it, but forced consent and coercion for situations like that also exist (the bond will be weaker for it though)
This goes for regular animals too. they may not be able to understand or consent to what’s going on but they can still sense if the vibes are off or be amicable to the circumstances if fed enough or kept safe with you for long enough

The only way to break witch/wizard spells are for an even more powerful spell to overtake it. For a strong binding, that would be death. but a weak binding has a higher chance of survival

Unless your contract is specified to be passed onto your child, closest family member/friend when or if you died or something then no. your contract/bond is tied to you and the other(s), no one else.

Kind of like getting married, you gotta go to The Dead’s circle and summon one, and make the bond official to get the full effects.

The Dead that study the trade in mortal magics can perform spells like binding and contracts to have its effects in the mortal realm.