“demons” The Dead

Recognizable by the stars on top of their heads. They can take any form they want, but the dead give away will always be their stars. A marker of the dead. If it looks too fantastical to be true (a mermaid or another hercules) its true, perfectly blended mermaids don’t exist and hercules was one of a kind.

“AfterLife/Hell/Heaven” Death’s Home

‘hell’ is both limbo, heaven, hell, all of them and neither of them all in one
it houses beings and the only punishment and rewarding done is by the fellow ‘demons’ and what they see fit
the public 'demon’ population will decide on your reward or punishment for your stay there

there are no actual cards given here i just needed a way to differentiate all of them

“Hell as a housing place… Hell as being multiple places … like conventional hell with red n flames everywhere is just one interpretation, just one place that exists. But hell can be so much more as well” -Lord-Prey

exactly my friend!

Its also literally like greek mythology: ‚ÄčThe Greek Underworld encompassed the whole Afterlife, containing both heaven and hell, where the righteous could be lavished upon, and the unworthy punished.

The Process

You’d die, get sent to Death’s Home and itll be like a court order to the demons already there. so whatever screen or scroll theyre using, your information will show up and they can choose one of the three cards for you after reading through it. based on the information (the recently deceased’s entire life and  motivations) provided on that screen/scroll or whatever, and obviously you can just decide not to interact with it, nothing happens if you dont vote- you’ll just feel out of the loop and left wondering why some nerd is being treated like a prince and that woman like she’s the scum of the earth

After your trial therell be someone (depending on which card assigned) to tell you what you can do in that place and whats available to you. their recommendations and where to go if youre looking for something, all that

Summoning Circles

TD pentagrams have portal sigils set up all around the world that act as payphones, and if you activate it a TD near the portal connected to this program at the time will pick up, and if qualified, will offer the person 1 wish or 2 questions.

Give the demon something in return (law of equivalent exchange), and youll get your wish

ex: a nerd wants a girlfriend, opens the call and requests 1 human woman, the demon would ask if he wanted her already from this world or custom made, already here option would just make her have a higher attraction to someone like him and would cost him a quality of himself he prides himself in, custom made would require he kill someone innocent by the end of the month

The effects/spell wears off once you die (unless specified at a certain time)

For every 2 questions, the demon gets to request 1 act of the human within a fair time limit
If the creature/human does not fulfill their end, the demon(s) are legally allowed to do whatever they want to them for 24 human hours [these wishes/pay exchanges completely depend/vary on which/what demon 'picks up the phone’]

like a part time job or non profit call line

The wish can also be a contract (ex. binding/being bound to someone/people/something), but you’re allowed a chance to cancel the contract after the deal’s made