creatures made of flesh, that eat flesh

Some exhibit stalker behavior, watching you/tailing you until you’re alone, vulnerable, or let your guard down, and kill you.

For hostile flesh eaters, depending on the creature, itll try to open you up from the stomach and lay eggs in you, some will just eat you, and others would kill you because theyve claimed that area its territory.

Some of them have evolved to trick humans with vocal mimicry or fake human-like faces

Some really are pretty harmless though. If you avoid the basic threat of big hands or how heavy one is, and steer clear of its line of sight, it’ll kind of just wander around until it dies by a more aggressive creature or because of its short life-span. This one doesnt even have a mouth or stomach, all it can do is move around and look

By Current Day, they’re everywhere. Even in the water (rivers/oceans)