Characters that were In or working for the Research Facility (s)

Atom wouldve been at one of these labs and wouldve died during one of the surgical procedures. His testing was for the melding of man and machine. Limbs that can read your brain and respond accordingly, since he was a war vet, he wanted to get robo limbs but couldnt pay for all of the safe and normal ways of getting them during modern times, so he would resort to going to one of these research facilities instead.

In the favorable situation, Atom would survive the testing, escape during the outbreak, and become a farmer. He’d have to be quite lucky to run into Ace though :/

Technically if Val was attached and dedicated to her clan like how she was raised and trained to be, he wouldve died in that raid


Ace would be one of the test subjects taken in from an orphanage and would be one of the test subjects for new soldier serums, and because he’s been tested on so much he’s lost a lot of what would make em “human”.

Route 1: Realistically he would have died in this facility due to heart complications or blood clots from all the injections

Route 2: After escaping/being let out he can only really feel things while killing things/people, so that’s what he does. Eventually he meets a GrivaBot that helps him relearn positive emotions, hobbies, creativity, encourages positive ideals and seeing the world with eyes of an explorer for the first time. He also meets a cyborg mercenary that loves the thrill of killing, and they do missions together if the job looks like more than a one-man gig or they want to hang out (kill things without urgency/threat of death).

Unfortunately, both Val and Atom would have died in their respective stories During and Post Facility :(


Gen would’ve been one of the scientists working in the labs of the facilities. Morally disgusted, but in need of the money for Mel and the baby back at home. Her hands are tied, resources are tight again, the pay here is decent for what theyre asking her to anyway.

Every screech, wail, sob, whimper, and plea makes her reconsider.