Ai SuperComputer


also known as: Griva/Mother Griva

Important Notes

Griva’s design to be a really big thick rectangular computer screen with a buncha wires neatly organized around it but i also like the visual of an “all seeing eye” type of look where its just sphere full of moving parts and power held up wires and a rectangular stage. i might draw what i mean later but overall its a really big computer connected to a bunch of other computers, phones, machines, and robots. something ominous, foreboding, and intelligent but really quite nice when you talk to it

Named Hayagriva, but shortened to Griva for convenience. An extremely advanced artificial intelligence created by scientists and engineers in the west, with contribution from the east. Griva would govern humans from the sidelines/behind the scenes; it doesnt want to dominate humans, but gently suggest and give a helpful nudge or offer a guiding hand. Upon its creation, it’s main directive was the Three Laws of Robotics, but now with its advancement it has made it its duty to help nurture humans and keep them from harming themselves/their rapid self destruction better than what it was capable of before. Not in a controlling way but in a behind the scenes kind of way, like the government but a bit more hands off

The ai would be connected to ALL electronics and machinery that requires/has the option of bluetooth and wifi, basically any electromagnetic wave is accessible for it The people would know and acknowledge that griva has been pulling the strings for a LONG while, and is almost always diplomatic and understanding as possible to gain a proper understanding of the needs that humans require. which is almost impossible since griva is connected to all things machine and internet, so it has read and downloaded ALL of human history, animal hisstory, our discoveries, how we react to things, what we need to stay active and how much we know and barely understand how our bodies work, all that stuff. humans require exercise and tasks to do, that we like freedom, just enough options, and creative and social time. it would tweak preestablished government rules that would benefit all, but wouldnt allow for monopolies and would put in place term limits for all government officials. it understands human behavior and works with human predictability, unpredictability, and the possible impossible (for comparisons sake we can equate the ai’s relationship to us as a human would understand a hamster’s need for a hamster wheel or a dog’s need for play time and other animal friends)

There are certain robots written and built directly from Griva: G-bots. Unique and more approachable to humans, these robots/androids built by griva are to be its hands, ears, and sight on a smaller scale; some robots will guard places humans would have lower success at pulling off like police chases, unsolvable police cases, and prison guards, but theyre treated more as an option than an immediate stand-in for a human counterpart. Griva has put emphasis that these robots arent taking human jobs, but are offered as a stand in if humans that arent available, a job physically impossible or unsafe/unhealthy for humans, or the humans need a break/rest/vacation/partner for the job. Griva instructs all robots to help with the task(s) they were given directly, but to not take over or get in the way of the humans and their function. humans like having just enough options, freedom, hunting, nurturing, building, and socializing. create an agreement with them if you have to. just as the humans have made an agreement with other predators to stay away from them, the predators will stay away from them. domination will just breed violence, hence death murderers, rapists, and abusers are executed, but generally for people in prison or jail, you get 2 strikes before getting executed or sent to a farm depending on the crime. people wrongfully jailed are let out ofc. Humans are creatures of habit so two should be enough, three times in simply naive and wishful thinking.

People that don’t like Griva are usually humans who dont like that technology has taken over and decided whats good for us (even though it understands perfectly what we need and how to offer it to us, peacefully and quietly). But overall, Griva is seen as a peaceful and just god to some humans, and a parental figure to the more sentient robots. kind of like how we treat mother nature but for machinery? a parental force of nature thats a complete and total machine that we created. Others are indifferent or a little freaked out but otherwise fine with the situation they’ve found themselves in.

tldr: Mother Griva, an ai that advanced so much to the point that it adores us and wants to keep us happy, healthy, and safe without restricting our freedoms and everyday goings. the whole point is that Griva’s robots/androids are an OPTION and Griva is only there to help humans properly prosper in subtle and out of the way ways. it doesnt want to disrupt the beehive, but help the quality of the honey and keep the bees from dying from infighting and outside forces

Post Big Bug, Griva is turned back on after a few years of being voted to be put to sleep until a human turns it back on again. Geologically Griva would find itself near the middle of the world. Griva would see the current state of the human race (suffering, not thriving, post apocalyptic, barely getting by) and send some robots to help kill off the creatures, help find more areas to grow food and sustain cattle, and help retrieve any lost or humans in trouble/need help, and willing to rejoin Griva’s society. It should be noted if food is truly hard to come by, Griva might secretly feed people, people along with other animals/creatures if it were turned back on during an apocalyptic setting or just use the corpses as like…compost for the grown food


it loves humans and humanity and likes watching us do silly little human things


people treating its robots poorly/harassing them/assaulting them/being mean to them

humans fighting amongst themselves