In the Early-Stable Past, an older brother does his best in the shaky/failing economy to take care of his younger brother. Patient, and just wants his younger sibling to be happy and healthy. Currently working 3 jobs, but will chug that bottle 5 hour energy to play frisby with his sib yes he will.

His Past

  • Nic and Cov are orphaned and Nic takes up two jobs, Nic spends as much time as he can with Cov
  • Nic picks up another job and meets his new coworker (AJ), Cov is in highschool

His Present

  • After getting split up from Cov, he journeys the dangerous lands of the infected and mutated, in hopes of finding allies to help him search for his brother
  • He gains two partners in the process
  • In the meantime, he takes Griva’s classes on therapy and works as a therapist

His Future


  • Being able to afford food
  • red apples
  • pink
  • domineering women and strong beefy men


  • his brother being bullied
  • not being there for his brother
  • ruining dinner
  • working in retail
  • chess