The Past

The span of b.c, b.c.e, 70s, 80s, 90s, 2000s, (Hayagriva [Griva] was born in the 2000s and begins learning. Magic exists but is invisible to humans and is mistaken for something/someone else)

Early (70s-2000s)

(Generic, everyday happenings for the 70s to early 2000s)

Stable Middle (2020)

(Griva has gained access, is learning/analyzing humans [for 20 years], and has started ushering and guiding them [for 60 years])

Late (2080)

(It’s unknown how the population was cut to 1/10th of what it was in the 2020’s, how the flesheaters and MutatedBugs came to be, and what created the Mimics but there are inferences and informed guesses. With the data collected and analyzed, Griva believes there was a war for more resources and one too many trigger happy leaders that crossed a line. from what is left, it seems there was intense warfare and unintentional damage with chemicals, gasses, diseases, radiation, supersoldiers, and experimental creatures that backfired and succeeded, leading to mass death.)

The Present (2081-XXXX)

(Griva is reactivated, the fantastical and military leaders agree and sign the treaty, bounty hunters are plentiful, mutated bugs and flesh eaters roam the earth, less than half of humanity is dead worldwide, fantastical creatures are on the rise and creating civilizaition)

Early (2081)

(A group of humans turn Griva back on, humans are scattered and are gathered/ assisted by Griva Bot (s) to human camps, schools, and farms)

Stable Middle/Current Day (2XXX)

(Bounty hunters are plentiful, farmers are thriving, internet is back but very slow/only used for long communication)


(Everyone gets older and dies/becomes The Dead)

The Future

(all life on earth is wiped out, nothing remains but Griva, Gbots, Manmade robots, mecha, ai, and aliens in space)