The direct impact of the destruction the science research facilities left behind after their meltdown and implosions.

Most of the creatures, if not a product of invasive breeding and recreating, are/were from those research facilities.

Survivors directly impacted by the Big Bugs’ appearance were left with this half of the land. They use guns, knives, traps, “boy scout survival guides”, the remains of modern medicine and anything the people can manually make themselves

there have been many attempts to raid red states in America for their weapons stashes, they also sell high on the market since most of them are over there

Survivor types: gas mask, goggles, cyborgs, androids, camps/communities, organizations + agencies made with the intention of helping and protecting the average folk

Threats: big insects, mutated insects, flesh eaters, other humans, carnivorous flaura

Currency: Griva has created new money and gives everyone a card to put all of it on. There’s to be identification verified in every shop unless its the black market
Gbots are paired with humans, but only to verify the card to its owner and make sure the exchange is fair
You can exchange trash you find for money (incentive to keep the planet clean and trash can be reused) , and the trash can be repurposed into tools, bowls, utensils, arts and crafts supplies, etc

There would be catalogues and records of media, and griva would make systems that would be able to play these games and movies/shows but at the cost of what that thing is. so yeah, you can play baldersgate 3 but you’ll need to find the materials to make a computer, give those parts to one of my builder robots, have it build the puter, then come back to it so it can put the game on the system for you. if you already made or found a system that works for you, just come to griva and ask for it and it will give the media to you, no strings attached <3